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Asbestos Is At Work With Us More Than You Think

Most of our members in Local 4009 only think about asbestos during the annual “training” that is provided by viewing some electronic files provided by AT&T. Often, such training is not viewed as being that important by employees because the

Some AT&T Branded Apparel May Catch You On Fire

AT&T has provided branded apparel, manufactured by Cintas, which in some cases are made of highly flammable 100% polyester in some of the components of the clothing. Here are CWA’s issues with these clothes: Most are made (overseas!) of inexpensive

What’s The Deal With Safety SPOC’s?

Safety SPOC: What is it? The Safety SPOC program (SPOC means Single Point Of Contact) is a safety program initiated by Midwest AT&T. Safety SPOC is a term coined by AT&T management to describe a work-group employee who after volunteering

Boss Asking Questions? Know Your Rights!

Union Members: If called into an investigatory interview DO NOT ask management if you need a Union Representative. Instead, read management the following statement: “I have reason to believe that this conversation may lead to disciplinary action against me; therefore, in

Safety Bulletin: No Passengers In Some Uverse Trucks

The Midwest CWA Health & Safety team made things a little safer for our AT&T members who drive small trucks. The trucks, primarily driven by our members who install Uverse and DirecTV such as Premises Technicians, are quite small and

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