About Us

local-4009-hallOur beginning, as related by Dominic Guadagni, President Emeritus of CWA Local 4009.

When we founded Local 4009 in October 1971, it was our intention to become more than just another local. Our wish was to have a dedicated role to represent our members. We continue to work toward the ongoing struggle to improve their working conditions and benefits.

We began with 658 members when it was an option to belong to a Union. We borrowed $600 to start Local 4009. We purchased a typewriter and rented a storefront, and a telephone line. We had a very dedicated membership at that time and they helped us through some rough years. we were not just another local, we were focused and determined to better our working conditions. So, we had to become a strong voice in CWA and to the Company (Michigan Bell, Ameritech, SBC, and now, AT&T).

Our strength lies with each member, and the leaders they support: steward, chief steward, unit vice-president, executive vice-president, and the local president. We have in fact gained the respect of the Company, the locals in this state and the other states in AT&T, along with the International. We have made great alliances with the building trades; we have always supported them, as they have us.

Other locals have chosen to merge with us, such as Local 4016 in March of 1986, Local  4015 in October of 1994, and soon after Local 4010. We welcome you and together leaders of Local 4009 will keep its promise to stay focused towards our goal to represent our members to the best of our ability. We will be the best example of all the locals in CWA.