Sisters and Brothers,

After attending the 77th CWA Convention last week in Las Vegas, Nevada it is always good to return home. The convention, needless to say, was very interesting. We all were able to see democracy at it’s best. A few items that the convention were divided on were the amendment to the Public Sector (PHEW) which was turned down by the delegates. The proposal of the SIF and Growth Funds, which was agreed upon by the delegates. And the amendment to the T and T office which was turned down by the delegates. At times there was a roar among the delegates but after you listened to what was being said from both sides from the “against podium” and the “for podium” we all came together and made the above decisions. There were challenging times, funny times and time of tears depending on the issue at hand. But when the democratic system is working you’re  able to complete the process in a fair and timely manner.

There were 1,509 delegates, alternates and guests that attended this year’s convention.

As President Shelton spoke during his opening remarks, he mentioned when we are divided we become weaker and real leaders build around dreams and with workplace power that will make the difference for the working class.

At our District 4 meeting we were to elect our next District Vice President. Linda Hinton, the incumbent and Tim Strong were running. The delegates from around our district voted and the outcome was Linda Hinton was re-elected for another term of office. Local 4009 congratulates Linda on her win along with Executive Vice President Dustin Robinett for winning the seat on the Trial Board. Also, congratulations to Erika White for the Central Region Diversity Seat.

On a very sad note, we were informed that CWA President Emeritus Morton Bahr passed away. President Bahr joined CWA in 1951 as a telegraph operator at MacKay Radio and Telegraph. He served as CWA President for twenty years from 1985-2005. He was a great Unionist who worked tirelessly for the working class people. He will be greatly missed and our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

In Solidarity,

Tina Culver

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