CWA/at$t Midwest Bargaining Report #68

June 2, 2018

Fighting Today…Focused on the Future!

Yesterday morning the Union Committee met with the Company Committee and passed the following proposals;

·       Appendix A19 (Employment Security Commitment),

·       A20 (Extended Employment Opportunity Period),

·       The Appendix F main memorandum,

·       A letter regarding Premises Technician Job Duties,

·         and a new MOA addressing adding work to the bargaining unit.                     

We also advised the Company that we would be agreeable to proposals that were previously discussed, including;

·       Article 26 (Training and Employment Security),

·       Appendix A18 (Overtime),

·       Appendix A25 (Regarding Required Overtime),

·         and a letter concerning Mobility Retail Jobs.

Yesterday evening we met with the Company at the main table again and they rejected all the Union proposals that were passed in the morning, after what was clearly little or no consideration. They then expressed dismay at the pace of bargaining and where we are at in the process.

There were no tentative agreements reached.

We reiterated that we too were dismayed at where we were at in this process and that the blame lays squarely in AT&T’s corner.

The Union advised the Company that we are continuing to try to reach an agreement, but we need someone to bargain with!

The main concern of CWA members in this round of bargaining is JOBS! The Company has had little discussion with us about this number one concern of our members. They did propose a letter that would commit to 1000 requisitions over the life of the agreement, but there were no details of what kind of work or where those jobs might be.

We further advised AT&T that we want any and all jobs that might be available, but their commitment of those 1000 requisitions is less than one sixth of what they would normally hire over the course of the Company’s proposed agreement across all of the CWA contracts in the Midwest. Without more specific commitments, their current jobs offer falls short of what members have demanded.

Another report will be sent out tomorrow.


In Solidarity,

Your CWA District 4 Bargaining Team

Curt Hess

Tina Culver

Dan Frazier

Kim Gallardo

Tim Strong

Greg Tennyson

Jay Walther

Ron Gay

Mike Handley

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