Detroit Rally

Yesterday, I had occasion to speak with a lovely 87 year old lady about organized labor. She had noticed the CWA logo on my shirt and wanted me to know that she has been an activist all her life. She told me of walking the UAW picket line at age five. She spoke of her parents commitment to a better life as they endured a year long strike. Her Mother and members of the Women’s Auxiliary were threatened with physical harm for their participation. She told me how she felt about The Right to Work Law with tears in her eyes. As we parted ways she said, “I support your cause 100%”.

Her words bolstered my conviction that NOW it is our turn! It is time to hold employers accountable to those that make their profits a reality. Without OUR skills and knowledge they would not have a damn thing. We deserve fair and equitable treatment, we deserve a living wage, we deserve job security. We deserve it, WE should DEMAND a fair contract NOW!

Many of you volunteered to act as a Mobilizer. I thank each and every one for your participation. Part of being a Mobilizer is being involved in all activities and inspiring others to be involved. The Rally downtown next week end will gauge our level of commitment. We need a monumental turn out in order to send the message that WE CARE! So, Mobilizers, please plan on attending the Rally. Inspire your co-workers to attend. Invite anyone and everyone. SHOW UP, WEAR RED AND MAKE at$t HEAR OUR MESSAGE LOUD AND CLEAR! WE CARE!

Our actions in 4009 have been noticed. Many other Locals have commented to me about the level of participation from Our Membership. I thank each and every one of you for all you do!

See you Saturday!!

In Solidarity,


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