Message To Our Members

A message to all our CWA Sisters and Brothers:

Seniority is the backbone of our Union. We would never and will never compromise on that. If the Company chooses to move forward with perverting the contract language to surplus Members in any other way than by inverse seniority we will not stand for it. Per the contract that was mutually agreed to and signed in good faith:

Appendix F Article 7.03 (page 223):

Whatever force conditions as determined by the Company are considered to warrant a surplus and the possible layoff of employees, the Company shall notify the Union in writing, prior to notifying the affected employees. Employees will be laid off in a process to be determined by the Company based on the needs of the business and all business needs being equal, such adjustments shall occur in inverse order of seniority. The surplus employees designated for layoff will be notified a minimum of three weeks prior to the layoff date, unless otherwise provided by law.

Needs of the business pertains to work volumes and identified locations. Expanding that to include performance measures that have never been bargained for is disgraceful and an insult to every Member who comes to work every day under the umbrella of that mutually agreed upon contract.

They are wrong. We are right. No compromising on seniority. #CWASTRONG


11 comments on “Message To Our Members
  1. Chris says:

    Before we make any drastic decisions I think we should wait at least a couple days (business) to find out what steps the senior leadership is taking. We as a union need to be able to weigh our legal options. Nothing like this has happened before and I doubt that this will just go through. I would advise against saying anything too crazy here for this is a public forum which you do not need a login to view.

    • Gordon says:

      That is why is was stated that drastic action would not be taken until after the new contract was negotiated. At least that is what he posted at the bottom of the rant. As for everyone else, I cannot speak for their intentions in the matter

  2. Travis D says:

    I agree 100%, and with ya 100%. Well stated. Not a steward but from 4123

  3. James says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself the “cwa” company wins again union has been a joke since 2008 every contract gets worse and worse how much time donyou have to put in to be able to get out of this dying dept

  4. Shaun says:

    You are correct. It should never have gotten this far. I think Perm techs should never have been put together with call centers and the retail stores. All they have to do is make a deal for the low man that is good and screws everyone else, but because we are out numbered it will get passed. Bunch of bs.

  5. Duane A Swift II says:

    This is exactly why we in appendix F have been complaining since day one. Just because a supposed “gentleman’s agreement” was made, we are all supposed to be happy move on. Well the axe is coming down, and there is nothing that can be done to stop it. At least not until the upcoming contract, if anyone is left that is. But then again, when has any single one of the higher ups in the union ever given even 1/2 of a flying fuck about us? This is not directed towards anyone at our local, this is at the International level. We have been boned time and time again, and what do we get out of it? We are either told to put in our time, “be patient it will get fixed this contract,” ignored by our peers in other departments, or outright ignored. While I know that nobody in my garage is affected at this time, it is only a matter of time. When that time comes, not a single person is safe. Why is this we ask? Oh wait I have the answer, because nobody gave a rat’s ass about us. I have been around since 2007, and it is the same now as it was then. Excuse me for being upset, but this is a colossal pile of bullshit that never should have been allowed. Given that we still have contractors doing Directv, some of our interney work passed off to other departments, and Uverse tv seemingly all but dead, its only a matter of time before the majority of us are gone. So all ya’ll with 15-20+ enjoy sleeping well at night knowing you are all safe, those of us over here get to spend the rest of our career kissing ass and trying to be perfect so we dont get axed due to upsetting management.
    To close my rant I have the following. As a steward of my garage, I know this probably should not be said, but fuck it I’m a bit irritated. If this is not addressed by this upcoming contract, then I will withdraw from the union and encourage not only my garage but every remaining appendix F employee to do the same. It only seems right that we should set it aside as a “surplus fund” for when the time comes.

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