Help CWA Members Recover From Harvey

Good afternoon, Sisters and Brothers,

Local 4009 is not just a fighting Local, but a giving one as well. Many of you have already been active in finding ways to contribute to the unfortunate victims of Hurricane Harvey. If you wanted to put a focus on our CWA District 6 sisters and brothers who have been hard hit by the recent hurricane and ongoing flooding, please take note below of some ways to give suggested by CWA International President Chris Shelton.

In Solidarity,

Tina Culver, President
CWA Local 4009


Dear Brothers and Sisters:

CWA is getting more information about our members and their families who are among the tens of thousands left devastated in Texas by the storms and flooding of Hurricane Harvey.

As our District 6 locals continue to check on members, we’re hearing that many people remain trapped in their homes, unable to get out because of high water and downed electrical wires.   Many businesses are closed with no set date to reopen.

CWA families need our help now.

District 6 has established the CWA Harvey Hurricane Solidarity Fund to make sure that CWA members get the help they need. A committee of CWA local leaders from Texas, established by District 6 Vice President Claude Cummings, will oversee the fund, with the assistance of Administrative Director Judy Graves.

You can donate to the solidarity  fund here

On-line donations are preferred but you can also send a check, payable to CWA Harvey Hurricane Solidarity Fund, to the CWA District 6 office at this address:

CWA Harvey Hurricane Solidarity Fund
c/o Judy Graves
The Parkway, Building One
4801 Southwest Parkway, Suite 115
Austin, Texas 78735

Donations are not tax deductible.

CWA’s Disaster Relief Fund also will be used to help our members hurt by Hurricane Harvey.

It will take many months for CWA families in Texas to start recovering from the destruction of Hurricane Harvey.  Let’s help as much as we can.

In Unity,

Chris Shelton


501 Third Street NW
Washington, DC 20001

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