Pay Attention To Your Legislators Where Your Healthcare Is Concerned

Sisters and Brothers,

Please take a moment to call 855-980-2258 and let your US Senator know that they need to leave our healthcare alone. Think that Obamacare repeal won’t affect you because you have bargained-for health insurance? Think again: All of the antics being carried out by the majority party, lead by the President, are introducing so much uncertainty in the healthcare markets that many insurers are already raising premiums. This will almost certainly impact our bargaining in 2018 and that means each one of us personally!

And that’s “just” a financial burden. There is a very human cost and the video below illustrates something that nobody likes to think about: We are all one health crisis away from disaster. The family featured below is emblematic of the incredible choices that working families must face when battling a family health crisis. We need to demand better from our leaders.

In Unity,

Tina Culver, President
CWA Local 4009

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