Benefit Update: Leave Link

Leave Link is a new process that offers the automation for applying for FMLA and Leaves of Absence. (Job Accommodations, Disability and Workers Comp, these processes have stayed in place).  Leave Link is accessible through HRONESTOP (both internally as well as externally), along with the available tutorial for instructions. We the employees initiate FMLA or Leaves of Absence by using a mobile device or PC.  Employees can submit medical documentation via a snapshot from a smart phone, scan and email, or by U.S. Mail.  The fax line for FMLA is no longer available for doctors to submit their paperwork and they must use electronic means.  The employee can opt to receive a text or email for updates.  Responses will be to your Company email by default; however, the employee has the ability to enter personal email if they prefer.  Note:  the System is set up to recognize all state and federal laws. 

The Benefit Reps around the Midwest challenged a number of concerns such as a member who may not have access to the Internet, or a printer; such as printing from an Ipad or desktop, etc., The Company stated that supervisors do have the ability to access/open claims for their direct reports.  The employees may experience push back from their managers, but the supervisors still have the responsibility to assist and resolve any problems the employees may have and should do so on Company time as they have always done in the past. 

We as employees must still adhere to the federal law time-frame of making the FMLA application within two days of their return to work.  If a request is received past the two days a Universal Leave Examiner (ULE) will contact the employee/manager to find out why and make the decision to either process or deny the claim.  The managers should continue with their Welcome Back conversations with their employees after an absence, with options to apply for FMLA just as they were doing in the past. 

As always if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at the Local at 248 559 4545 ext. 3, or using this contact form.


In Solidarity,

Tina Culver, President
CWA Local 4009

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