PSA: Uber Does Not Share Our Values

CWA knows that our borders must be protected and proper screening must take place. Our Union also knows that refugee screening is extremely intense and takes a minimum of two years. The chaos caused by President Trump’s executive order, the so-called “Muslim ban,” has created unnecessary fear, confusion, and in some cases even medical emergencies. There are many CWA families effected by Trump’s executive order; not just in our Local and CWA families in the Metro Detroit area; but, world-wide. Some have family overseas; some are married to immigrants; and, some are immigrants themselves. Many CWAers have taken part in protests around the country to make their concerns heard by those in power. This is the American way.

Amid the chaos at JFK airport in New York caused by Trump’s executive order, unionized New York cabbies staged a one-hour work-stoppage as a way to join the thousands who were exercising their First Amendment right to protest.

Uber, whose CEO is one of Trump’s economic advisers, immediately did this:

For those not familiar with Uber’s ride-share model, “Surge pricing has been turned off..” as used in the above announcement means that Uber lowered its prices to JFK, which had the effect of profiting off of striking taxi drivers. It did not work. In fact, outraged citizens saw Uber’s tactic for what it was: Strike-breaking.

America is getting woke

Our membership is a large, sprawling, diverse family with many opinions. One thing we can all agree on, though, is this: An attack on a union anywhere is not good for unions – everywhere. Now, thousands of Americans and union members are deleting their Uber accounts and using Lyft instead. Lyft is a very similar competitor to Uber with one important difference. Lyft is supporting the protesters, including the New York cabbies, by donating $1 million to organizations such as the ACLU over the next four years. CWA likes companies who care about social justice because these companies tend to have better outcomes for their employees and working families in general. These are goals all union members can get behind, and should. (Editor: Click here for cities where Lyft operates. Solidarity!)

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In Solidarity,
Jim Simons, EVP
CWA Local 4009


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