2021 Annual Benefit Enrollment Information • Annual Benefit Enrollment for 2021 begins on October 12, 2020 and concludes on November 13, 2020 for actives as well as retirees. Upon close of the open enrollment period any changes will only be considered in extenuating circumstances. Information can be reviewed online beginning October 5, 2020.


  • To enroll by phone call 1-877-722-0020, from home visit, and from work log onto the Onestop website, select the AT&T Benefits Center tile and you will be directed to the benefits center website.


  • There are no plan design changes to the AT&T Plans (self-insured options HCN option 1 and 2, PPO option 1 and 2, Dental PPO and HMO, and Vision Program) for 2021. However, monthly premiums, deductibles, and out-of-pocket maximums have changed. See enrollment materials for rates.


o Wisconsin participants currently enrolled in Blue Cross and Blue Shield (BCBS) PPO network may change to a BCBS Select Network. This change should not impact provider coverage; however, it is advised to confirm your provider’s status directly with your provider or by visiting and following the prompts on the Home Page.


  • Some Medical HMO options will not be offered in 2021. As a reminder, these HMO options are not bargained for and have changes to monthly contributions and/or plan provisions, review them carefully.


o IMPORTANT If your current HMO option is not available in 2021, you will automatically be enrolled in a company self-insured option with the lowest contribution amount unless you actively enroll.


  • Review your current coverage and check your network providers to ensure they are in network. (Use the built-in plan decision tool to check providers)


  • You can enroll eligible dependents in your medical program and Careplus through the month they reach age 26 (even if they’re not living with you, not a college student, married, etc.). You can enroll them (if unmarried) in dental and vision through the end of the year they turn 23.


  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA) maximum contributions increase for 2021 to $2,750 for health care FSA, and remain at $5,000 for child or elder care FSA.


  • Careplus continues to be at no cost for 2021. New experimental and expanded services have been added. Information can be reviewed at


  • Review and update beneficiary designations, especially if you’ve had a recent life event such as a marriage or divorce. To do so go to


  • Tobacco Use: Whether or not you are a tobacco user, you must take action during your enrollment window to avoid the Tobacco User Surcharge. If you don’t use tobacco, change to non-smoker status when you enroll. If you and/or your spouse/partner use tobacco products, a surcharge of $60.00 per month, per person will be applied. To eliminate the surcharge, participants may enroll in a mobile cessation program with 2morrow Health through Castlight. This can be done during the Annual Enrollment process. If a participant successfully completes the cessation program by December 1, 2020, no surcharge will be applied for 2021. If completed after December 1, 2020 but before December 31, 2020, participants may incur a surcharge for January 2021 due to administrative/timing issues, however, this charge will be refunded as soon as administratively feasible. If you complete the program any time after December 31, 2020 but any time before July 1, 2021, you can still eliminate a partial, prorated surcharge amount. To register for Castlight text App to 35925 to download the app, or visit


  • (New for 2021) Working Spouse/Partner Surcharge: You must take action during Annual Enrollment to certify that your spouse/partner does not have medical coverage available from a current employer. If you enroll your spouse/partner and your spouse/partner has access to medical coverage through a current employer, a $100 monthly surcharge will be applied. Be sure to check the correct status to avoid the surcharge.

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