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Now that the ratification vote is in, please let me assure my members that the numbers are correct.  The local sent two of our election committee to participate in the counting of the ballots.  There were another thirty members from around the District that either participated or observed the counting of the ballots. The election is done exactly by federal rules.  I haven’t said much about what has been stated on Facebook or the CWA website, I felt as part of the Bargaining team I had to stay neutral. But now, that it is over I feel I can speak freely.  First of all Bargaining is not an easy task, it’s draining, and the lives of each of our members fall on our shoulders. We did the absolute best we could with what was provided to us.

Mobilization is the key to any Bargaining, so, let me ask each of you this one question, Can you honestly look into a mirror and state you did your absolutely best to help with Mobilization?  If you can say yes, I and the rest of the Bargaining team truly appreciate what you did.  If you cannot say you did your part than you are part of the problem not part of the resolve.

Social media ran rampant for the last eighteen months.  You see it is very easy to hide behind words on a Facebook page or website.  It is what you do that shows your integrity and how you handle every day issues.  It is so easy to knock down a person or say I voted No or even I voted yes but when you have to look into that mirror at yourself only you actually know what your truth is.

I have faith in the two members from our election committee that went down yesterday for the count.  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the election was ran fairly because if it wasn’t they would have spoken out right there on the spot.  So, to Ed Mason and Greg Swanson I and Local 4009 appreciate your participating in this process.

Now for the nay Sayers that still think the election was rigged I don’t know what else to say, except maybe you should have gone to Cleveland and helped count the ballots.

The count is in the Tentative Agreement passed by 66.05% for the Midwest contract with a 61% return, the COS contract passed by 64% with a 42% return as did the Legacy T contract also passed by 64%.

The members of each these three contracts have spoken.  Whether you voted Yes or No or didn’t even take the time to vote, the ballots have been counted.  So, let’s stop the bickering, stop the finger pointing, stop letting this company divide us and let’s go deal with the next challenge I am sure at&t will throw out to us.

As soon as we find out when we should expect the contractual raises for both the retroactive back to Feb 5, 2019 and the ratification the local will put this information out.

Again, I want to thank my local membership and all the members throughout the District for their mobilization activities and their support while fighting at&t!  I also want to extend a huge thank you to Vice President Jim Simons and Secretary Treasurer Donna Hoffa for holding down the fort while I was away at Bargaining and with their continued support.

Our mobilization doesn’t stop because we have a contract it should continue each and every day.  We need to make sure at&t knows we are here to stay and we are watching their every move!

Local 4009 Midwest Contract  Tally:                                          COS Contract Tally:

Ballots Cast:  407                                                             Ballots Cast:  11

Yes:  268                                                                            Yes:  7

No:  139                                                                             No:  4

                                                                 Spoiled Ballot(s):  0                                                Spoiled or Challenged Ballots:  0

Challenged Ballot(s): 4

In Solidarity,

Tina Culver


CWA Local 4009

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    Are those the actual results for Local 4009?

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