A message from Local 4009 EVP & SEC/TREAS

Sisters and Brothers,

Members of Local 4009 within the TFS group at Royal Oak voted this morning to end the ULP strike.

The company is unwilling to even discuss the many issues & unfair labor practices that spurred the spontaneous walk out. Because of this, the members at this location agreed that the fight must be taken to the next level. National Labor Board Charges have been filed to resolve the issues.

There are many issues surrounding the Royal Oak TFS group action. While it is not prudent to discuss them all at this time, we can speak on one charge in particular. To give a little background: A parking lot renovation is to take place at the Royal Oak garage. All work groups housed at this location will need to relocate while the work is taking place. Allegedly, work was to begin around the first of June. At the beginning of the year The Local negotiated, with TFS management, an agreement to not split the work group up during the relocation. Over the ensuing months, The Local was told repeatedly that no decision had been made on the temporary location. The Local reiterated that the work group should stay together. On Friday, May 18 the members were told by management that the TFS group would be going to seven separate locations during the parking lot project. Management made it clear the issue was not up for discussion. The members felt that this unilateral change in working conditions was an attempt to curtail Mobilization Activities. With all the other issues, the group decided this was the last straw. The rest, you may say, made history!

Also, during their vote discussion, The Group talked about at$t putting their final offer to our Bargaining Team out to the Membership. This is a BULLSHIT tactic to circumvent the process and bargain with the members directly. It was decided all need to start prepping for the next battle.

The out pouring of support from around our own Local and the Entire District was absolutely over whelming! The encouraging posts on social media, the folks who showed up out of nowhere, from everywhere to walk the line, the contributions of food and even money are appreciated beyond words. It took a lot of courage for these members to stand up to the corporate machine that has been trying to steamroll us for years. They could not have done it without the UNITY, LOVE & SOLIDARITY within our CWA family.

Last but certainly not least! The Royal Oak Prem Techs, bless their union blooded hearts. NOT ONE of them crossed the picket line! For five days they stood in SOLIDARITY behind the line and endured threats & intimidation with bravery second to none. On the fifth day, when told by management to cross the line or go home, they said “You will have to call the police to drag us off the property”.

We have never been prouder to be a part of THE UNION, THE MIGHTY, MIGHTY UNION!

In Solidarity,

Jim & Donna

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