Proud as Hell!

Good morning


I just wanted to tell The members of Local 4009 how proud I am for their unity, standing strong, and their commitment.  As the days drag on I know its hard to stay together but this isn’t just about the CWA its about strength of Unions throughout the country.  As you see the teachers across this country doing what they have to do without any type of protection of their jobs and their getting what they deserve and worked hard for.  The time is right, the irons are hot across our great country to place Unions back on top.  At&t is a very profitable company and we know we are not asking for anything more than what our members of each state deserve. So, again I want to personally thank you all.  Stay strong, one day longer one day stronger.  #nojobsnodeal

Proud as hell to be the President of CWA Local 4009

You all rock!




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