This article is just gonna be off the cuff and from the heart. Sisters and Brothers, negotiations are going poorly. Worst I’ve ever seen. If ever we need to stand together it is right now! A million thanks to everyone of you who have stepped up for all of the Mobilization Activities. If you’ve been hanging back….  Now…Today …. is the time to get involved. To maintain our current jobs & secure good jobs for the future WE MUST ALL STAND UP NOW. The time is ripe, time to strike (figuratively: possibly literally) while the iron is hot. Shout out to Campbell, Telegraph and Livonia Garages who pulled together picket lines with about 10 minutes notice this morning. Don’t forget the Rally in Detroit this Saturday. CWA President Chris Shelton will be attending. Show up, bring as many people as you can & wear red. See ya there.

In Solidarity,


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