CWA/at$t Midwest Bargaining Report #51

May 3, 2018

Fighting Today…Focused on the Future!

Yesterday, the Union committee worked on crafting counter proposals on Wages and Benefits as well as language to address Definitions, Problem Resolution Procedures and Treatment of Time Worked.

Early last evening the Union met with the Company and tentative agreements were reached on Appendix A2 (Training Opportunity Plan) and a letter regarding National Transfer Plan Revisions.

Later in the evening, tentative agreements were reached on Article 10 (Union Officers and Representatives), Article 18 (Treatment of Time Not Worked), Article 21 (Recognized Holidays), Article 22 (Excused Work Days), Appendix A9 (Contracting Out), Appendix A10 (Contracting Out Review) and a letter regarding Common Attendance Guidelines.

This morning tentative agreements were reached on Article 2 (Definitions), Article 17 (Scheduling and Payment for Time Worked), Article 19 (Differentials), and a letter regarding Recall Procedures.

This evening the Union passed proposals on both Wages and Benefits that would raise our members’ standard of living and protect pensions and health care.

Progress was made yesterday and again today. It was not progress on the most important issues to all of us, but it was meaningful that AT&T moved away from some terribly retrogressive proposals.

Hopefully, the Company will continue to respond to the Union’s proposals in a positive way, so we can move on to dealing with the Union demands that are more complex and consequential.


In Solidarity,

Your CWA District 4 Bargaining Team

Curt Hess

Tina Culver

Dan Frazier

Kim Gallardo

Tim Strong

Greg Tennyson

Jay Walther

Ron Gay

Mike Handley

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