Last night literally hundreds of CWA Members, Retirees and Families held a candlelight vigil at Northwest Office Center in Southfield, MI. We arrived from across the state of Michigan, near and far. Many braving wicked driving conditions.  We formed a line 2&3 abreast that stretched from one end to the other of at$t property along Southfield Road. We were there to tell the company Tick Tock Time is UP! They heard us….. we got a call from management. We were there in SOLIDARITY, waving signs for fairness, chanting, demanding a contract now. For without a contract there will be NO PEACE!

As I looked upon the crowd, I did not see this Local or that Local. I saw the faces of my Sisters and Brothers… a CWA STRONG FAMILY! Sisters and Brothers united in the fight for good jobs & fair wages in OUR communities, for OUR families, now and in the future. It is very true that we are FIGHTING TODAY, FOCUSED ON THE FUTURE!

Heartfelt thanks to all who came out: Local 4009, Local 4123, Local 4103, Local 4034, Local 4008, Local 4018, Local 4032, Local 4050, Local 4100, Local 4004.

In Solidarity,


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