Those unions that enjoy the right to strike have no guarantee that sacrificing their jobs and their livelihood will result in victory but they nevertheless engage in lengthy strikes, not because they are assured of winning but because they are determined to fight.—William Burrus, 1998

STRIKE….It is a scary concept. STRIKE….It comes without guarantee. STRIKE….It is the most difficult, yet most effective form of Mobilization Union Members can perform.

Voting “YES” on your STRIKE BALLOT is the first step.  An overwhelming and resounding “YES, WE WILL STRIKE” sends a powerful message. It tells the Bargaining Team that the membership is with them 100%. It puts the company on notice that CWA is united in our fight for the future.

It is not enough that every ballot returned is a vote to strike. It won’t be enough until EVERY member returns their ballot and says   “YES, I stand with my bargaining team, I stand with my sisters and brothers. I will stand in unity until we have the contract our hard labor has earned”.

The company has passed nothing but retrogressive proposals at the table. It is time to take the first step. Strike ballots have been mailed to your home and need to be returned to The Local by April 7th.  Cast your “YES” vote and return in the enclosed stamped envelope. Make your voice…. Make OUR voice heard!


In Solidarity,


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