Watch your Mail!

“Do something everyday that scares you.”  Eleanor Roosevelt


As you all know, negotiations between CWA District 4 and AT$T began today. Chosen to speak for the membership is our own President, Tina Culver. Joining Tina on the bargaining team are Tim Strong (Local 4900), Greg Tennyson (Local 4603), Dan Frazier (Local 4123), Jay Walther (Local 4320) and Kim Gallardo (Local 4123). These fine folks are dedicated to getting the best contract possible. They will spend weeks away from home and family looking out for all of our best interests. While the Bargaining Team wages the battle in Chicago, we all have a duty to fight the fight on the front lines. This means participating in all Mobilization Activities. These activities, from shaking TicTacs to walking picket lines are noticed by management. We, the proud members of CWA District 4, Local 4009 need to show AT$T that we are a force to be reckoned with!

Before the expiration of the contract on April 14, 2018 the Local will mail two important documents to every member at their home address.

First will be the Relief Fund Striker Certification Form. In the event of a strike The District and The Local will pay strike pay beginning on the fifteenth day. In order to receive this payment each member must have a Strike Certification Form on file at the Local. Please fill this form out and promptly return to the Local.

The second mailing will be the Strike Ballot. The Strike Ballot is the means for the membership to express their will to CWA leadership. In other words, once the contract expires, The National can make a decision whether to strike based on outcome of the strike vote.

It is important that the Local has your correct mailing address on file. Please see the Update Contact Info page.

Contract time can be scary and stressful. We must all step up to the task at hand to ensure a Fair Contract and a Secure Future!

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