CWA/AT&T Midwest Bargaining Report #14

CWA/AT&T Midwest Bargaining Report #14

March 21, 2018

Fighting Today…Focused on the Future!

This morning, we thought things were immediately getting heated up when the fire alarm went off prior to 10 am. It turned out it was a planned event that no one was given advanced notice about.

After the drill, the Appendix F subcommittee met again with the company to continue discussions about all titles currently covered in the appendix. We reminded the company that they still have not responded to the union’s first proposal. We continued to hammer away the need for work, job security and better working conditions.

The benefits subcommittee met this afternoon and discussed and analyzed out of pocket expenses, deductibles, plan maximums and overall costs.

The committee spent the rest of the afternoon working on proposals for future sessions.

In Solidarity,

Your CWA District 4 Bargaining Team

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