California Thanks You

Last month, AT&T began canvassing members in our Local as well as others to travel to California to work while CWA is trying to bargain a fair contract. With your help, we mobilized and told management, “NO!” By doing this in solidarity with other Locals in District 4, District 6, and District 3, we prevented the Company from dividing our Union and gave the District 9 bargaining time some ammunition at the bargaining table. Brothers and Sisters, we showed the Company who they were playing with and this can only help us next year in District 4 bargaining. Pat yourselves and each other on the back.

If you are interested in volunteering to travel to California, please feel free let your manager know. As well, please let your stewards know what is going on so we can watch for management areas in administering this event. Below is the communication from District 9 bargaining team:

Good Afternoon Sisters and Brothers,

We have been working with AT&T West Labor regarding the Service problems in the West due to the rain. We have agreed to allow the Loaners from D-6 and D-4 to come out to California. 
I appreciate you working with us on the Loaner issue. As soon as I get the dates, locations and names of the workers coming to D-9, I will send that information to you.
In Unity,
Ellen West

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