America (Literally) Has A New Boss – That Is All Unions Need To Know

New boss

The title of this post means no disrespect to President Trump. On the contrary, one must acknowledge this simple truth: America elected a man who built a fortune and a career on being a boss. Hell, he bragged about it every chance he got and literally televised himself firing people for years before becoming President! Viewed from this frame of reference, we can see certain characteristics that call to mind past or current bosses. Bosses necessarily are in charge of getting results and, while this can be a good thing for the shareholders, unions know that workers are often the first ones to be forgotten when handing out the profits. Our Local 4009 members know what to do about this as workers. Now, we must share our knowledge on creating changed behavior in leadership, as citizens.

Big promises to a battered middle class

Many were surprised at Trump’s (narrow) victory in the Midwest. Unions, though, have long been on the forefront of the fight to stem the tide of heartbreak and economic destruction left behind as manufacturing fled the Midwest, and even the country. Unions well know that these disasters left behind countless communities which then had insult added to injury by suffering under policies that divided along race, ethnic and economic lines. Trump spoke bluntly to these divided communities and promised to heal these divisions, mostly by restoring economic prosperity via a return to manufacturing. We hope he succeeds. Surprised?

Unity: It’s our thing

The only ones who think we are a monolithic zombie army of liberal drones are those who listen to the union haters! CWA knows our members have many opinions about many things, some of them quite passionate and strong. We respect and encourage all of our members to exercise their vote. In the most democratic way, CWA polled its members and endorsed a presidential candidate accordingly. We should take note that this process unified us in supporting the presidential nominee who not only talked the talk of our members and working communities, but walked the walk. Instead, another guy won who talked the talk and thankfully unions, at least, know how to make a boss walk the walk. Though our opinions may differ on many things, our members mostly agree that the boss always needs to be watched and, as in a union shop, must account for his words and deeds. Unions know that good deals can be negotiated with bosses when there is mutual respect; however, Unions also know how to mobilize to get respect if the boss does not respect the workers.

Union members know, an injury to one, is an injury to all!

In Unity,
Tina Culver, President
CWA Local 4009

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