Call To Action – Michigan Photo ID Voter Law

Call to Actioncall_to_action

  1. Legislators in the Michigan House of Representatives and the Governor need to hear from as many constituents as possible – you, your friends, your family – who oppose these bills.
  2. Let the legislators and Governor Schneider know that working families who vote oppose this bill. (click here to read more about reasons to oppose this harmful legislation).
  3. Share this with your friends, families and coworkers.

The Bills

House Bills 6066, 6067, 6068 would institute a photo ID requirement for virtually all voters – effectively making it more difficult for the poor, elderly, communities of color, and the disabled to vote. Not sure who your representative is? Click here to look it up.

We need everyone to call their legislators, paying special attention to the below list of rural state senators. As well, people who live in rural areas will have even more trouble complying with this legislation, putting their ability to vote in jeopardy. We ask that you drop the folks on this list a special call as well:

Senators with rural districts (In order of priority)

District 38 – Tom Casperson,

District 37 – Wayne Schmidt,               

District 36 – Jim Stamas,

District 35 – Darwin Booher,

District 19 – Mike Nofs,

District 26 – Tonya Schuitmaker,

District 34 – Goeff  Hansen,

District 33 – Judy Emmons,

District 31 – Mike Green,

District 21 – John Proos,

District 25 – Phil Pavlov,

District 16 – Mike Shirkey,

District 17 – Dale Zorn,

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