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Wow, where has the year gone?! CWA Local 4009 has finally launched into the 21 century with the upload of our local website!  We would like to thank Brian Hooker from Local 4034 for guiding us along the way so we could achieve this site.

So much has happened this year:

  • We had the Presidential election, which did not go the way the Union would have liked. This means that, though will have a lot of work ahead of us, we will just need to roll our sleeves up a bit higher and dig our heels into the ground and make sure the new administration does not touch any of the progress Unions have made.
  • With all your help and hard work for the last eighteen months or so I am happy to announce the (TPP) Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal won’t be brought up for a vote this  Congress.  It’s your hard work and determination that made this happen!
  • The YP contract was up this year and the Bargaining team did their absolute best with what they had to work with to bring in the latest contract.  In recognition of their hard work, the contract was voted in.
  • AT&T has also experienced a few surpluses this year. The latest CSS surplus in the Metro area had approximately 13 techs looking at a possible layoff. But, we were able stop that with the help of other technicians invoking their Union-negotiated V-SIPP paperwork; and, we were able to eliminate the surplus in our Local.  Unfortunately, CWA Locals outstate Michigan and other Midwest states are still attempting to workd with the Company to reduce their surpluses.  It’s never easy to go through, but what you need to remember is to maintain your attendance (not more than 4 occurrences of more than 4 days), maintain your job performance, and always request a steward when your manager wants to question you.
CWA Local 4009 Toys For Tots

CWA Local 4009 Toys For Tots

Throughout the company the Local has placed our decorated boxes for Toys for Tots. Please take a moment to place an unwrapped gift in the boxes. In mid-December we will be handing all the toys over to the Marines and they will dispense them where they are most needed.  Let’s make Christmas happy for all the children this year. I would like to take this moment to wish everyone a very Merry Holiday Season and a safe and Happy New Year.



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